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In Vitro Fertilization

In Vitro Fertilization


IVF has been, for years, the most proven and successful  technique that allowed thousands of women to become mothers. It is also totally safe since the fecundation of the egg is done in the lab, outside the mothers body, wich allows us to improve drastically the results and reduces the discomforts and posible complications for the patients.

It is widely considered the most efective form of assisted reproduction and, within it, we can find diferent alternatives that follow the same procedure, either using the mother’s own ovules and her couple’s sperm or throught donation of ovules, sperm or embrions of a donor, either known or anonymous.

Success Ratio

Up to 90%

In vitro fertilization

(by egg donation)

Up to 85%

In vitro fertilization

(patients under the age of 35)

Up to 81%

In vitro fertilization

(patients aged 35-39)

Up to 77% in vitro fertilization

(patients aged 40-42)

The Process

Before starting the IVF Process

Through a videocall with your asigned fertility specialist, all the details regarding the intervention will be assessed and you will be notified by the expert about all the documentation and all the medical test necessary.

The first decisión to be made is if both donors are both the partner members or a third part will be performing as such. As a third option we have the possibility of draw upon a donation bank that will allow you to choose between different profiles, as ethniticity or origins.

The step by step

  • Ovarian stimulation (only in case the mother is the donor) 1 to 2 weeks

Your asigned specialist will prescribe you the ideal medication according to your personal profile, trying to enhance the eggs generation, increasing the chances of succes in the process. This first step can be done from your country.

*The treatment cost isn’t included in the Price.

Flight to the Fertility Cente

  • Control and evaluation

Once the treatment is over, you’ll make the first visit to the clinic for a result exploration. If the medication hasn’t given out the expected results, we will try with a different to enhance the chances. If the results are the desired, congratulations! The mom is ready for starting the process.

  • Egg Retrieval and Semen collection.

36 hours after the confirmation of the succes in the treatment, the eggs will be retrieved in a simple intervention that lasts less than an hour and requieres general anesthesia. If the semen donor is the partner, it will be also extracte don that same day.

  • Fertilisation

We have 2 choices that your specialist will evaluate with both parents, consdering every case individual characteristics:

Conventional Fertilisation: The most common used technique, where the strongest sperm fertilizes the egg. The downside is that the sex of the baby can’t be chosen using this method.

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI): Your treatment specialist introduces the selected single sperm previously selected (ideal if we had any trouble with the conventional method or in case of low sperm quality).

  • Monitoring and Embryo Transfer

The embryos will be monitorized up to 7 days to check their quality, the success of the procedure and the quality of those.

Once their quality is verified, the one with the better and quality and therefore, chances of success, will be transfered in a quick (barely takes more than a couple minutes), painless intervention.

With the remaining eggs we face the following steps:

  • Freezing for future fertilisations.
  • Donation to other couples with fertily problems.
  • Donation for investigation.
  • Pregnancy Test

            After the luteal phase (from 10 to 15 days), the mother will take a pregnancy test to      check if the process has been succesful.


What happens if the process hasn’t been succesful?

In case the eggs haven’t been frozen, we have to start the whole process again. If the eggs were frozen, we have a lot of work already done and we only need a second painless and quick injection.


What does the price include?

One complete fertilization cycle

One Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) in case there has been frozen eggs

Psychological Interview

Diagnostic hysteroscopy

AMH, TSH and PRL Tests, Spermogram, and tests for Infectious diseases (HIV, Hep B and C)

In Vitro Monitoring

Consulting Monitoring for Fet

Sperm freezing (optional)


Before And After Pictures

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US Price

12,400 $

MedicW price

6,000 $

Why So Cheap?


  • 24/7 Support Included
  • Free consultation


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Step 1: Ovaries are stimulated to produce multiple eggs Step 2: Eggs are retrieved from the follicles in your ovaries Step 3: Sperm is separated from the semen Step 4: Sperm gets introduced into the eggs Step 5: The embryo is transferred into the uterus
Those patients who have already started the stimulation treatment at home would travel to our clinic about 5-7 days later. The majority of the patients would require to be at the destination for 10 days to three weeks.
It depends. Depends on the state where you live and the type of insurance that you have. We recommend always checking with your insurance first to verify if it is covered. If you opt for undergoing this treatment abroad, generally, it won't be covered by your insurance, but could still be cheaper than done here in the US.
The average cost of an IVF cycle in the United States is $10-15,000. The cost is dependent on insurance coverage, patient characteristics, and treatment center.
Most eggs will fertilize because they are placed in a culture dish with thousands of sperms. This is the process previously described as In Vitro Fertilization or IVF. If a single live sperm is injected into each egg, termed “intracytoplasmic sperm injection” or “ICSI.” On rare occasions, fertilization does not occur even with ICSI, presumably because of a problem inherent to either eggs or sperm. In these cases, the use of donor sperm or donor eggs will usually result in fertilization.
It is generally not recommended to use neither the sauna nor the hot tube during the treatment and neither during the pregnancy

US Price

12,400 $

MedicW price

6,000 $

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