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Hair loss in men treatment and in women might be difficult, there are a lot of advertised treatments, but hair transplantation is proven to be the most effective one. Hair transplantation or hair grafting consists of the extraction of hair follicles from a donor area of the patient and then transplanting to a recipient area where the hair no longer grew.

A surgical procedure that is carried out in a hospital or medical center and under anesthesia whose duration varies depending on the number of follicular units transplanted, the longest being between 6 and 8 hours.

Although any person of legal age can undergo this medical intervention, medical professionals usually recommend waiting until 30 years old to perform a hair graft

It is also important to remember that only people who have enough hair in the donor area (usually the lower back area of the scalp) and that are of sufficient quality, should undergo this procedure.

In addition to the scalp, using new hair transplant techniques it is also possible to perform follicle implants to cover those beardless areas of the male face.

In both cases, it is necessary to point out that any hair graft intervention must be carried out by an experienced professional who knows the different hair graft techniques that currently exist.

Currently, there two techniques of hair grafting being used, the FUT or FUSS and the FUE, each of them is recommended for different types of patients with different cases of alopecia.

Extraction of follicular units with strip (FUT or FUSS): technique in which a strip is cut from the scalp of the donor area, which is subsequently cut into pieces that are implanted in the recipient area. Each strip usually measures between twelve and fifteen centimeters in length and one in width.

FUT is a more aggressive technique than FUE, the recovery is longer, having to wait two weeks to remove the stitches. However, it is the most common technique to repopulate large bald patches. In addition, it can be combined with FUE to achieve more accurate and natural results.

Follicular unit extraction (FUE): technique in which the follicular units are extracted individually, without the need to cut the scalp, and then graft them in the areas of the absence of hair. Unlike the FUT or FUSS technique, it hardly requires anesthesia and requires a much shorter recovery, being able to leave the hospital the day after the procedure. This much more avant-garde technique requires experienced professionals in its execution.

In addition to serving for transplants in any area, it offers more natural results by allowing the placement of follicles individually, which also makes it an excellent option for a beard graft.

The usual thing is to perform transplants of no more than 5,000 follicular units in each session. However, it is possible to undergo several sessions. In addition to being ideal for repopulating small bald patches, it is perfect for increasing hair density in places where there is little or no hair.

Although it is not a technique in itself, but rather an evolution of the FUE technique, the FUE Sapphire technique deserves a separate mention. A technique in which this mineral is used for making much more precise millimeter cuts, which allow for much more precise extraction and repositioning, less painful and which helps to reduce recovery times even more.

However, it should be the expert surgeon in hair health who chooses, after studying your specific case, what is the best technique to correct your bald spots and repopulate with the maximum guarantees those areas where your hair had started not to grow.

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From 3-4 months is when you can begin to see the initial results and, the final result of the transplant is after 12 months
In 2-3 days you can resume your normal life
No, it is an intervention that does not leave any scars.
The hair follicles extracted from the donor areas (back and side of the head) are genetically programmed to resist the hormones responsible for hair loss. These follicles maintain their genetic characteristics in the recipient area. So they become permanent.
Yes. We distribute the hair homogeneously throughout the receiving area and design the frontal implantation line in a natural way, using the 1-hair follicles to cover this first line. Hair grafting is one of the most frequent operations, due to the results obtained.
The post-operative is not painful. The effect of local anesthesia lasts 6-7 hours. Afterward, patients can take the pain relievers that we provide to avoid possible discomfort.
An F.U.E mega-session, 3,500 to 5,500 grafts, lasts 6 -7 hours. Although it is not heavy because there are breaks.
The foundation is simple, it consists of extracting, one by one, the Follicular Units from the donor area to later place them in the recipient area. It is a meticulous technique that requires a long process of learning and practice, so it has to be carried out by qualified personnel with proven experience.

US Price

10,000 $

MedicW price

3,990 $

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Hair Transplant

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Hair Transplant

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