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The face-lift is a surgical intervention in which the facial structures that have been losing elasticity over the years are relocated. Unlike what many believe, it is not about stretching the skin but, in agreement with the patient, improving the facial appearance of the procedure through different techniques.

The face-lift procedure has changed a lot in recent years. Thanks to medical advances in general and in the field of aesthetics in particular, it is currently possible to act with very high precision everywhere in the face thanks to the minimal incisions made today in the operating room. The consequence of this is the elimination of scars, offering much cleaner results that usually allow for faster recovery.

Most of the people who undergo a face-lift are people who are around or have passed the quarantine and who want to recover the tone, firmness, and elasticity of their skin and facial muscles. Face-lift is also called by some professionals rhytidectomy.

Choosing a specialized cosmetic surgeon could improve the results achieved by the surgery and could achieve a more natural result, with more rested lines.

Types of face-lift:

The face-lift is a surgical procedure that treats the deepest structures of the facial and neck tissues, removes the selected areas of fat, and eliminates wrinkles. This surgery can be combined with others such as blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery or chin surgery, among other facial modifications.

However, it is important to point out that there are several types of facelift techniques that can be used, each of them accomplishing specific results. In the following section we will describe some of them:

Mini facelift: Technique that allows one to finish off small wrinkles or with slight sagging areas of the neck through the detachment of the preauricular area of the face.

Cervico-facial facelift: Technique that is responsible for ending wrinkles and flaccid areas of the lower area of the face and neck through small incisions behind the ears from where the skin is stretched. In addition, this also allows the extraction of accumulated fat in the double chin, gives volume to the eyelids and reaffirms the neck and jaw.

Facial Lipofilling: This technique that goes out a bit of the facelift as we understand it allows the face to be shaped by filing certain areas such as the cheekbones with fat. It is a minimally invasive technique.

Mid-facelift: Also known by vertical facelift or cheek lift, this technique allows rejuvenating the area most affected by the passage of time, in addition to giving firmness to the cheekbones and improve the entire area of the ears.

Brow lift: Also known as a forehead lift, this technique by which wrinkles of the forehead and frown lines are eliminated, consists of stretching the wrinkled areas until you get a smooth, soft and rejuvenating forehead, also raises sagging eyebrows.

Endoscopic face-lift: A technique that can provide eyebrow lift while minimizing postoperative scarring and tissue disruption as it is done through small cuts in the scalp. It could often offer more interesting results than the traditional facelift.


Non-surgical lifting treatments

There are different non-invasive aesthetic treatments that complement or replace, at least in part, the face-lift. All of them are intended to rejuvenate the face. Let's see them.

Botox injections: Botox is a neuromodulator that allows you to relax your muscle and eliminate wrinkles. This is usually used on the forehead, eyebrows, other areas of the face and to eliminate crow's feet. The results begin to appreciate at 72 hours and should be repeated at least twice a year.

Temporary dermal fillers: The sagging of the cheekbones or the jowls can be kept at bay thanks to the fillers of hyaluronic acid and collagen, two natural compounds that help to reaffirm the areas where they are applied.

Lipofilling: The patient's excess fat is injected into lips, mouth, cheeks, or clefts of the face to significantly improve the appearance of the face.

Tension threads: Tightening small threads under the skin achieves an effect similar to lifting, but with temporary results.

All these treatments that offer much less remarkable results than those achieved through the operating room require application every few months, otherwise it will revert to the starting point.

Finally, it should also be noted that, although with a more staggered process, without scars and without the complications of surgical intervention, the results of facial treatments without surgery are less durable and usually should be practiced once or twice a year.

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