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Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery (BBL surgery)

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery (BBL surgery)

One of the interventions that have grown the most in recent years is that it has to do with the buttocks. Specifically, with its increase through a surgical intervention that, in addition to increasing its size and shaping it, also allows to end sagging, dimples, depressions, and the presence of fat.

Commonly called Brazilian Butt Lift (bbl surgery) or gluteoplasty, this surgery is capable of radically changing the appearance of the buttocks, even when the appearance of defects in the buttocks is due to poor development of the pelvic bone or occurs as a result of a muscle problem originating in the hip.

 The procedure that is usually carried out in Brazilian butt lift (bbl surgery) is as follows: 

After undergoing prior consultations and opportunity tests, compression stockings are placed that the patient must wear before going through the operating room.

Once there, you will almost certainly be given general anesthesia, and an incision of between three and four centimeters will be made between the buttocks (so as not to leave any visible scar) to be able to intervene.

Once access is achieved, the patient's own fat will be inserted or the prosthesis placed, in addition to the necessary drains. After this, the area is sutured. Once closed, the patient will be returned to the floor.

As you can see, it is not a particularly complicated operation, so anyone who is not comfortable with their buttocks and wants to change their size, volume, or shape, as long as they are of legal age and are in a position to undergo surgery. you can do it.

It is important to emphasize that Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL surgery) / gluteoplasty is not recommended for people with obesity problems.


Types of buttock augmentation techniques:

As was briefly mentioned in the previous point, there are two buttock augmentation techniques that are practiced in current medicine: the BBL surgery or buttock augmentation through the injection of fat from the patient and the buttock augmentation through the implant. of a silicone prosthesis. 

As for buttock augmentation with fat injections, also known as Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL surgery), lipoinjection or lipotransference in the buttocks, it is a surgical intervention in which fat is absorbed from unwanted areas that are later treated and processed so that it can finally be used to give volume and shape to the patient's bottom.

It is, therefore, a double operation with a double advantage for those who choose it: on the one hand, eliminating the fat from where it is left over and, on the other, obtaining the desired buttocks. That is why it requires an expert surgeon in the application of this technique since only then is it possible to achieve a round, plump, and showy buttocks, always respecting the patient's physiognomy. 

It goes without saying that this type of operation can only be performed by those people who have excess adipose tissue since otherwise it is impossible to carry it out, inasmuch as it can only be performed with their own fat. 

Buttock implants

The alternative for those who, as a consequence of their anatomy, do not have areas with fat accumulation to undergo a lipotransference in the buttocks is the implantation of a prosthesis that allows them to achieve a larger size and a more oval shape in their butt.

In this technique, semisolid silicone implants are inserted through a minimal incision hidden between the two buttocks to later place it either under or within the gluteus maximus muscle. Places in which it will be accommodated and will not move under any circumstances.

The prosthesis will always go in the upper buttocks since the insertion in the lower area can affect some nerves. It should be noted that the silicone prostheses used in buttock augmentation are tremendously resistant, at the same time pleasant and natural to the touch. Also, it is often necessary to inject a little fat to achieve a completely rounded shape.

And it is when the prosthesis implant is combined with lipofilling that a most natural appearance is achieved in the buttocks.

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The average cost of BBL surgery in the U.S is $8,000

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MedicW Insider tips

BBL surgery, like any other cosmetic intervention that requires going through the operating room, in buttock augmentation surgery it is necessary to undergo a series of preliminary examinations that will begin with a complete blood test and an electrocardiogram that confirms that you are ready to operate and receive the anesthesia.

The next step is to undergo an on-site examination that confirms that you are a candidate, either to receive a silicone prosthesis or that you have sufficient fat accumulation to perform a fat transfer from the unwanted area to the buttocks.

Patients over 40 years of age will need to add, in most cases, a chest X-ray.

As will be indicated by the medical team that will intervene, on the dates prior to the buttock augmentation surgery, you will be urged to use a germicidal soap with which to wash your entire body.

Finally, note that in the two weeks prior to the operation you should stop taking aspirin or any other medication that contains salicylates. This restriction must be respected within the two weeks following the buttock augmentation (bbl surgery) to avoid excessive bleeding in the intervened area.

Due to the place that is intervened, the evolution of the buttock augmentation operation generates discomfort. Once the intervention is finished, and before starting to see the results, it is essential that the patient rest and refrain from physical exercise for several weeks. Something that is essential to prevent the implants from moving or bleeding through the points.

The discomforts, however, are short-lived. Before seven days the patient is already in a position to recover his usual routines and even to return to his job. Of course, in the event that the job requires many hours of rest, you must take into account the recommendations that will be made to you from the clinic where the buttock augmentation operation is performed. 

Some common symptoms of gluteoplasty that you may feel and that you may feel are a pain in the buttocks and the sacrum area that will subside after 72 hours, a small low-grade fever, minimal bleeding or discharge through the scar in the first two days after the operation and the appearance of some small edema or increase in the volume of the butt that will decrease until in the third month it has completely disappeared.


As we have been commenting, the results of the buttock augmentation operation (bbl surgery) are almost immediate. As soon as you leave the medical center where you have had surgery, you will notice, still swollen, how the size of your buttocks has increased, as well as the new shape and molding that has been made.

It will be from that moment when, if you follow all the recommendations that will be indicated in the postoperative period, you begin to reduce the swelling until, approximately after the third month, if not before, you can appreciate in front of the mirror the definitive appearance of your new buttocks.



Once the stay in the hospital center after discharge is over, you must carefully follow each and every one of the instructions given to you by the medical team that has treated you, not only to achieve the desired results for life but also to shorten recovery times so you can get back to normal as soon as possible.

Among the considerations that will be made in relation to the postoperative period of gluteoplasty (bbl surgery) are:

Spend the first night sleeping on your back or on your side avoiding that the mouth remains pointing downwards, since doing so runs the risk of damaging the sciatic nerve as a result of the inflammation typical of the surgical intervention that has just been applied.

Over the next two days, drains should be performed to avoid irritating the sciatic nerve, which is the cause of much of the pain suffered during the first hours after the operation.

Although it is not the same in all medical facilities, the usual thing is to stay in the hospital or one or two nights, from discharge, to start walking and accommodate the prosthesis, as well as to stretch a little your muscles in the pelvic area that you will find something contractured.

Once you are back at home, you will be able to sit normally, keeping the basic care indicated by common sense.

It is essential that when you shower, you avoid that water falls directly on the scar during the time that you must have the postoperative bandage protecting the intervened area.

After each stool, it should be cleaned with soap and water, accompanied by the use of an antiseptic that should be applied to the wound until it is completely closed.

Activities such as driving should wait a few days and physical exercise at least a month. During those first four weeks, you should avoid straining the gluteal muscles, and strong flexion of the trunk so as not to widen the prosthesis in place.

 The drains will be removed after two days or three in cases of great suppuration. Points will be removed after a week. It will be then when an antiallergic dressing is placed on the scars that will have to carry around 20 days.

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Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery (BBL surgery) | MedicW:Find the surgery you're looking for at a fair price Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery (BBL surgery) | MedicW:Find the surgery you're looking for at a fair price

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