The patient does not have to pay anything to MedicW, we are hired by the clinics / hospitals to advise and accompany the patients throughout the process, but this does not imply any cost for the patients.
We help you with all the previous work, we have looked for the best clinics / Hospitals and the best destinations to carry out the surgery, because for us the most important thing is the patients
NO, we only accept the best clinics in each country with certain international accreditations
We always represent the patient in front of the clinic, we are always accompanying the patient during the process.
There is NO problem, you can notify us and we cancel the operation, it will not cost you anything
Medicw is not a medical provider and will not diagnose you. Depending on the surgery or treatment, you will be asked for documents or tests accrediting a previous diagnosis, and based on that diagnosis the appropriate medical doctor will review your file
All pre-trip communication will be through MedicW
Yes, with MedicW you have assistance during the MedicW trip, we will always be by your side
You can contact us and we will work with you to solve it
We always indicate the minimum stay in the country, once you are discharged from the hospital or clinic you can travel without any problem. There are currently many patients traveling to different countries to receive treatments in better conditions.
It is advisable to get a travel insurance for any eventuality that may arise
You do not have to pay anything in advance, the full treatment is paid in the hospital or clinic.
Depending on the Hospital / clinic has a payment policy, we will notify you in advance.
First we agree the date, finally you should send us a copy of the flights.
Our staff can help you find flights and any other issue you need for the operation.
They can submit an application, but all applications are reviewed to verify that they meet the required accreditations
We have a section to add the clinic and start the process to be on the plataforma
Normally we are between 10 and 30 days maximum, we will communicate our decision by email.
Yes, clinics and hospitals require a good international patient department.