The Best Teeth Whitening Techniques

The Best Teeth Whitening Techniques

Oct 21, 2020 | Author : MedicW

Our teeth play an important role in our general look. And that is why we are always concerned about how they look.

Unfortunately, age is sometimes not fair on our teeth. As we grow old, we tend to find our once pearly looking teeth looking less white and turning yellow. Of course, no one wants this.

So, the next thing you are thinking about is now to whiten your teeth. We get that your teeth have gotten yellow, and you do not want it as such. Well, it is okay; no one does.

The good news is that you can get rid of those yellow stains and get your teeth looking all great again. Even more, there are various whitening techniques that you can try out. 

So, are you looking to jump in on this? Here, we will tell you about the best teeth whitening techniques

Why Did Your Teeth Turn Yellow? 

Just before that, you need to understand why your teeth turned yellow. And this is important because it helps you understand these techniques better. Even more, it allows you to know how to avoid losing your white teeth.

So, why are your teeth turning yellow? Well, the reasons include:


Your teeth could also lose its whitish look due to stains from food or drinks. For instance, some beverages like coffee can cause staining to your teeth.

Beyond this, smoking, various tobacco products, and some antibiotics may cause stains to your teeth. And, of course, cause that yellowish color, you dread so much.

Enamel Thinning 

Another cause of the yellowish look that your teeth now display is enamel thinning. So, what is the enamel, you might ask?

This refers to the outer aspect or layer of your teeth. The layer has a white look, and it functions to protect your teeth’s deeper structure. 

Now, under your enamel is a tissue layer named dentin. This tissue has a yellowish-brown look. 

Typically, when your enamel wears off or gets thin, this dentin begins to show, and your teeth lose its whitish color. Various acidic foods are responsible for this. Alternatively, it may be due to age, genetics, or gum diseases.

4 Whitening Techniques 

Now that you know why your teeth go yellow, you are ready to know how to whiten your teeth. Well, here are four whitening techniques that are relevant.

Oil Pulling 

This a popular technique that allows you to regain your teeth’ whitish look. It comes from India, and it is both useful for expelling toxins from your body and improving your oral hygiene.

What you need to do is get organic oil. You can do this online. However, ensure that you get only high-quality ones.

Once you do, put between 1 and 3 teaspoons of the coconut oil inside the mouth. Then, swish it for around ten to thirty minutes. The goal is to allow it to remove the bacteria that can cause your teeth to get yellow.

However, remember to ensure that you do not swallow it. This is because you will only be swallowing the bacteria and toxins from your mouth. Also, ensure the oil does not touch your throat’s back.

You can then discharge it into your toilet. You will then wash your mouth with water. You can take a glass of water before you brush. 

However, keep in mind that no study has established that oil pulling whitens your teeth. At best, all it does is rid your mouth of bacteria, gingivitis, and plaque that can cause your teeth to turn yellow.

Brush Using Baking Soda

Another useful technique that you can rely on to get your teeth white is brushing with baking soda. This is because baking soda comes with some natural whitening components. Even more, it is abrasive, although mild, and can help you scrub stains away from your teeth’s surface.

Also, baking soda provides an alkaline flavor within your mouth. In turn, this helps you reduce the growth of bacteria in your mouth. 

However, keep in mind that this is not a one-time fix. You will need constant allocation. And then, over time, you can start seeing your teeth getting all white.

Also, keep in mind that there is no conclusive study that baking soda whitens your teeth. However, another research showed that toothpaste with baking powder had more withering capacity than those that lacked baking powder.

For you to use this option, you will need to mix two teaspoons of water with one of baking soda. Then, you can brush using this paste a few times within a week.

Brush Using Hydrogen Peroxide 

The next open is the use of hydrogen peroxide. In case you did not know, this solution is a bleaching agent. Even more, it can kill bacteria inside your mouth. 

In case you doubt this option, you just need to remember that most toothpastes come with hydrogen peroxide. In fact, when you combine it with baking soda, you get more results.

For instance, a study showed that using a toothpaste containing both ingredients twice each day resulted in 62 percent whiter teeth within six weeks.

All you need to do is get one tablespoon of baking soda and combine with two hydrogen peroxide. Then, you can go on to brush. The great thing is that it ensures that the concentration is safe.

Alternatively, you can mix it with water after dividing the concentration from 3 percent to 1.5 percent.

Fruits & Vegetables

Another great option is the use of fruits and vegetables to improve the health of your teeth. Precisely, as you chew them, they help you rub plaque out of your mouth. In turn, this means that your teeth are less likely to keep getting yellow.

One fruit has attracted usefulness for their use. This is strawberry. In fact, you can mix it with baking soda for the best effects. Then, the malic acid in the strawberries can get to work.

However, ensure that you do this less frequently. Otherwise, you will damage your teeth.

Final Thoughts 

No one needs to tell you that regularly brushing your teeth is a sure way to whiten your teeth. So, ensure you do so twice a day.

Also, you can look towards avoiding stains altogether. You can check our article on how to have a white tooth for tips on this.