How to Have a White Tooth?

How to Have a White Tooth?

Oct 27, 2020 | Author : MedicW

We all desire a white tooth. Unfortunately, this can be quite tricky. 

We will find ourselves losing our white teeth as we grow older. In some cases, it is not even because you do not wash your teeth regularly. So, we bet you have constantly been wondering how to have a white tooth.

Well, it is okay. You are not the only one looking to get this. And that is why we have this article for you. Here we will tell you all about how to have a white tooth.

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Why Are Your Teeth Losing Its White Color?

You will most likely be wondering why your teeth are not as white as it once used to be. Well, this is due to a variety of reasons.

One popular reason for this is due to the intake of certain food. For instance, oily foods can leave some stain on your enamel. Also, plaque may build up on your teeth, causing them to appear yellow.

In some other cases, it might be because your hard enamel already eroded. In such a situation, the dentin under it becomes visible. And since the dentin is typically yellow, your teeth appear yellow.

Well, luckily for you, you can avoid this. Find out how below.

How to Have a White Tooth

There are various things you can do to have a white tooth. And we have listed some tips for you. Enjoy.

Brush Regularly 

We bet this was the first thing you were expecting. Well, that is because of the great importance of brushing your teeth.

Typically, one of the causes of yellow teeth is failing to brush your teeth. So, to avoid your teeth turning yellow, you must brush.

As such, ensure you brush your teeth regularly each day. Precisely, we recommend you brush your teeth twice inside a day. 

Here’s a trick, ensure it lasts for 2 minutes. And make sure you cover the field. You need to cover the crevices and crack. Also, brush gently. This way, you do not harm your gums. 

Go circularly, then brush the outside and inside of your teeth. Also, spend a considerable time on your teeth’s chewing surface. You can always use a whitening toothpaste. 

However, you will need to ensure you avoid brushing your teeth just after taking acidic drinks and foods. This is because your enamel is weak at this point. And when you brush it, it may erode, leading to the emergence of your yellow looking dentin.

Drink Loads of Water 

To have white teeth, taking adequate water also plays an important role, especially after consuming some substances than can stain your teeth.

For instance, when you consider dark liquids like red wine or black coffee, the pigment penetrates your enamel. And it eventually leaves your teeth stained. However, you can easily avoid this water.

Precisely, it takes thirty seconds for their pigment to penetrate. And once you take water before it penetrates, you easily wash away this stain.

Avoid Some Foods

You will also want to avoid some foods if you want to have white teeth. Like you now know, your dark liquids cause considerable stains.

Guess what, stains from food substances are even more threats. They are more challenging to remove. They penetrate more deeply and faster, especially when they are hot.

So, your best bet would be to avoid them if white teeth are a priority. Examples of these foods include balsamic vinegar, cranberry sauce, tomato sauce, chocolate syrup, and soy sauce. Yes, you also want to avoid barbecue sauce because it brings so much threat.

Alternatively, if you just take them, ensure that you brush immediately afterward. And where you cannot brush, swish your mouth using water.

Pick A Straw 

You are wondering how this is going to help you have white teeth. Well, remember how we told you dark liquids stain your teeth when you take them? Using a straw helps you to avoid this.

Precisely, with a straw, your teeth can now avoid these dark liquids. It goes straight into your throat, keeping your teeth white. Guess what, you will not have renounce enjoying your favorite wine or coffee.

Add Milk to Your Tea

We are still helping you avoid stains from your tea consumption. You can do this through milk. By adding milk to your tea, you reduce the possibility of staining, which reduces your teeth’ whiteness.

Milk works great for tea. And this because casein is present in the protein. In turn, this protein binds to the stain component of your tea – tannins. Consequently, your teeth will not have to worry about stains.

However, keep in mind that this trick does not work with coffee intake. This is because tannins are not the reason for coffee staining.

Reduce Sugar Intake 

Yes, we all love taking sugar. In fact, the whole world spends a considerable amount of money buying sugar each year. However, this is a major cause of teeth losing their powerful and beautiful white look.

Precisely, excess sugar causes cavities, plaque, tooth decay, and gingivitis. In turn, this is a major reason why your pearly white looking teeth keeps getting dimmed.

Well, to keep your teeth white, you will need to keep your sugar intake to a minimum level. 

Avoid Smoking 

The funny thing is that this quite popular. Unfortunately, it is a major cause of tooth decay and yellow spots on your teeth. For instance, the nicotine from smoking makes it harder for your mouth to kill off the infection.

Then, in time, plaques build-up, leaving your teeth less white.

As such, if you currently smoke and you want white teeth, you need to stop this smoking. With this, you will make your teeth less susceptible to losing its white look.

Final Thoughts 

It is an honorable choice to decide to keep your teeth white. In fact, it helps you enjoy a better quality of help and improved confidence. 

Well, we have shown you how to guarantee a white tooth. So, enjoy and have fun keeping your pretty smile.