How Much Does A Tummy Tuck Cost In 2020?

How Much Does A Tummy Tuck Cost In 2020?

Sep 15, 2020 | Author : MedicW

Thinking about getting a tummy tuck might seems daunting even before starting thinking about the cost. This article will help you get some clarity on the cost side.

Well, the prices depend on where you find yourself and/or if you are willing to travel to get the surgery done. Here is what you need to know about some locations where you can get it done.

Tummy Tuck Cost: Costa Rica

Costa Rica is now a popular destination for a tummy tuck. And this is thanks to the availability of quality health care practitioners that can attend to your needs.

Typically, the cost of a tummy tuck in Costa Rica is upon request. That is, you will have to meet a cosmetic surgeon who would assess you and then determine the cost of the project.

However, you will need a minimum of $2,500 to undergo the procedure here. Do not worry; you will usually not spend beyond $5,300.

Tummy Tuck Cost: Thailand

Thailand is also a great destination if you want to get a tummy tuck. You do not need to worry about low services here. Yes, you can get access to top surgeons and at an affordable price.

Usually, the cost of the procedure will depend on your needs. However, you will need a minimum of $4,800 to undergo a tummy tuck procedure in Thailand on average.

However, it might sometimes run into $6,300 depending on how extensive your procedure is. In some cases, you can even spend as much as $7,100.

Tummy Tuck Cost: US

Another popular destination for you is the United States. It provides access to world-class cosmetic surgeons that you can rely on for your tummy tuck needs.

However, getting a tummy tuck in the US might come off as somewhat expensive. This is because of the cost of facilities, tax, and high professional fees.

Still, if you are interested, you can get it for an average of $6,092. However, it might sometimes run into $10,000.

Tummy Tuck Cost: Canada

If you are in Canada, you can also get a tummy tuck. You will get access to a wide range of experts that can help you.

However, it comes at quite the cost. While it is cheaper than the US, it is still expensive as individual surgeons determine the price.

Still, with a minimum of $7,000 you can get a tummy tuck. Also, you will hardly spend beyond $9,500 in Canada for this procedure.

Tummy Tuck Cost: Mexico

Mexico is probably your best bet if you need to get world-class surgeons at the best rates. You will get access to various facilities offering tummy tuck within Mexico. And while it is cheaper, it does not mean the quality is less.

You can get a tummy tuck in Mexico for as low as $2,500. However, in some cases, the cost will run into $4,500. You should know that this covers the cost of the whole procedure.