5 Reasons Why You Should Travel to Mexico for Dental Implants

5 Reasons Why You Should Travel to Mexico for Dental Implants

May 05, 2021 | Author : MedicW

Getting dental implants is no longer a surprise all over the world. People, more than ever, are turning to medical procedures for a wide range of solutions, including dental solutions. However, what might sound like a surprise is people traveling from one country to another to get such a medical procedure.

Over time, people travel from the United States of America, Canada, and the United Kingdom to other places worldwide looking for medical care. Today, when looking to get dental implants, people travel from these various places to Mexico looking to access the best health care services.

Well, the reality is that you should not be surprised by people traveling to Mexico for medical procedures. This is thanks to various competitive advantages that traveling there offers patients. We bet you are wondering what exactly these people stand to gain.

We have got that covered. In this article, we will introduce you to 5 reasons why traveling to Mexico for dental implants is a good decision. In turn, if you are looking to get a dental implant yourself, you should have no reason to hesitate when you hear Mexico.

Reasons Why You Should Travel to Mexico for Dental Implants

As we promised, here are some reasons why it is never a bad idea to opt for Mexico if you are looking to get your dental implants done.

1. Cost Advantages: Cost vs. the USA

One of the most important reasons you should opt for Mexico is the cost advantage of choosing Mexico. For instance, if you are a resident of the United States of America, you might struggle to access dental coverage just like other 37 million people. This is thanks to the high cost of insurance, high cost of living, and high medical services in the US.

Typically, a medical procedure in the United States can cost as much as 130 percent more than what will cost you to access the same services in Mexico. In turn, it becomes evident that the cost of getting a dental implant in the United States of America is on a high. You can check out our comparison tool for more details

Well, good news! When you choose to go to Mexico for your dental implant, you do not need to worry about this high cost. The cost of dental implants is far cheaper and affordable in various cities in Mexico. Even better, you will not have to worry about a drop in the quality of health care that you get to enjoy.

This is because, as you will find out, Mexico not only boasts expert doctors who have received international recognition, they also boast state-of-the-art medical facilities to get the job done. So, with Mexico, gone are the days when you need to worry about the high cost that you cannot afford. We bet that's a good enough reason to opt for Mexico.

2. High-Quality Treatments: Expert Doctors

Another reason why you should choose Mexico for your dental implant is the high-quality treatment that you stand to enjoy. Thanks to the lower cost of dental implants in Mexico, you would be forgiven for thinking that the quality of treatment accessible in Mexico is inferior. However, the truth is that you would be wrong to assume that.

When you choose Mexico, you get access to the highest level of treatment. This is thanks to the presence of industry-leading medical practitioners in Mexico. Yes, various expert doctors have obtained international recognition and maintain the best standards in Mexico. So, there is no let-down on the quality of treatment that you get access to.

Even better, you get access to all dental specialists and experts in just one clinic or practice. You don't have to go from one clinic or practice to another looking for a periodontist or endodontist. In Mexico, you get all these specialists in one practice. So, you will find expert options in Mexico, from an implant specialist to a prosthodontist, a periodontist, or an endodontist in one clinic.     

The result of this is not only access to the highest level of expertise and quality treatment but also fast access to dental treatments. We bet that is one reason why anyone would opt for Mexico.

3. High-Quality Treatments: State-of-the-Art Clinics

Also, Mexico does not just offer expert doctors; they also offer the best medical facilities to augment and aid these doctors. When you choose Mexico and opt for the best clinics, you find that these clinics boast the best technologies and facilities. This ensures that the procedures you undergo get carried out by experts with the aid of the best equipment.

Obviously, with the high cost-saving advantages, you would assume that the standards of equipment might not meet global best practices. Well, you're mistaken. As long as you choose carefully, you get access to medical facilities that meet global industry standards.

Generally, this increased standard, even in the face of reduced cost, is thanks to the lower cost of living in Mexico. Also, medical facilities in Mexico enjoy a significant number of subsidies from the government. As such, their cost of operation is generally lower when compared to their counterparts in other countries.

So, with Mexico, while you pay less, you still get access to the best technologies and facilities when getting your dental implants. There is no doubt that this is a fair reason why you should opt for Mexico when it comes to your dental care through dental implants.

4. Safety

You should not hesitate to get your dental implants done in Mexico because your safety is not in doubt. As we have already established, this has nothing to do with the safety of the medical care you will get in Mexico. After all, there are hundreds of industry-leading medical centers in Mexico.

Rather, it is associated with your safety when it comes to traveling to Mexico. Following the break of the coronavirus pandemic, traveling got restricted all over the world. Although most of these restrictions have been lifted, people still fear traveling due to the virus in some quarters.

Well, when it comes to your safety when getting a dental implant, you don't have anything to worry about. Today, medical tourism in Mexico remains safe. So, if your hesitation is borne out of your fear for your safety, then you have got nothing to worry about.

Even more, thanks to Joe Biden’s emergence as United States of America’s President, there has been a change in the border policy when it comes to immigration. Things have moved from the restrictive approach under Donald Trump to a less restrictive approach under Biden. So, you can be sure of a safer experience traveling across borders.

All you will need to do is abide by relevant medical regulations and, of course, opt for the best clinics. With this, you have got no reason to bother about your safety.

5. Enjoy a Great Experience

While it might seem unrelated to medical tourism itself, going to Mexico for your dental implants also allows you to unwind. It is like killing two birds with one stone. You get the chance to take that vacation and enjoy the best experience on the sand beaches of Mexico.

There is no doubt that this is a big win for you. Whether you are single or married, you can always maximize the opportunity of getting your dental implant to check out the best places in Mexico that you have heard about. Like we already told you, the cost of living is lower in Mexico. So, you will not even need to break the bank to have fun.

Are Dental Implants Worth Your Investment?

Beyond considering traveling to Mexico, you might be undecided about getting a dental implant. This is largely because you are unsure if dental implants are worth the investment that they require. Well, let us clarify that for you.

In ten out of ten times, the fact is that dental implants are worth the investment. This is because they provide adequate value that matches up with the cost that you have to incur. For instance, dental implants are more likely to last a lifetime when you get them done the right way. They can last as little as 20 years to as much as 20 years.

Now, all you need to do is consider the time you get to meet your dental needs. After this, it is easier to understand why you should have no hesitation regarding dental implants. We have a financing offering available to our clients 


In Conclusion

Getting dental implants is not something you need to hesitate about getting. It is an investment that is fully worth it. Even more, getting dental implants in Mexico is a great idea. Not only do you get to enjoy a cost-saving advantage, but you also don't need to worry about a drop in the medical quality that you get.

We have detailed everything about why you should opt for Mexico if you are looking to get a dental implant, but if you want to know more about pricing or the options that MedicW offer, we have dental implants' section. So, don't let anybody tell you otherwise. Book a plane or get your truck ready to get to Mexico. It is always a great idea to get your dental implants there.