10 Celebrities Who Have Had Surgery And You Didn't Know

10 Celebrities Who Have Had Surgery And You Didn't Know

Jul 05, 2021 | Author : MedicW

It is the 21st century, and there are just many new inventions and innovations coming around aided by continuous technological advancements. One of which is termed plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery. With this kind of surgery, a person can determine what he or she wants to be or at least enhance his or her looks.

Cosmetic or plastic surgery is a special surgical procedure aimed at improving a part of the body or restructuring its looks. The primary aim of plastic surgery is to correct any apparent defects in persons–children and adults alike. There are different plastic surgery for each part of the body.

You would be surprised at the number of celebrities that have undergone plastic surgery in the last years. Many have denied the possibility of having one because of the condemnation that greeted those who confessed to doing so. However, in recent years more people have come out to reveal that they had one surgical implant or the other. Some celebrities that had cosmetic surgery that you may not know of are:

  • Yolanda Hadid

Undoubtedly the Hadids are famous figures to reckon with in the fashion and entertainment industry. Yolanda Hadid is an actress, reality TV star, model and a great mother of three children.

Yolanda Hadid has finally come to reveal the possibility of having a Botox. In an Instagram post, she hinted that at age fifty-five; she looks younger than that when she refuses to give in to societal condemnation of breast implants, Botox, fillers and extensions. Instead, she had improvements done to her facial area, especially the forehead and the eye area.

It seems the surgical procedure was a total success because of the proud way she owns it. The Actress, however, showed that she stopped taking Botox injections as soon as she was diagnosed with Lyme.

  • Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen is a total fan of Botox. She has had series of cosmetic surgeries done, such as getting Botox in her armpit and adding a few inches to her arm's length. The model may also have breast implants but did away with them recently. Over the years, her appearance has been a subject of controversy. Often, she sprays tan to cover up her light skin shade. Also, her last surgery was conducted while she was pregnant, although she said she did not know.

  • Courteney Cox

You may not know that Courteney Cox has had fillers done because they didn't last long on her. But, majorly, she had cosmetic surgery done because of her thick skin and the need to maintain a youthful appearance. However, the Friends Star was not convenient with the process. She reveals she is more convenient for the silicon fillers and would rather watch everything drop.

  • Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is one of the most successful daughters of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, and many a time, she has denied undergoing any plastic surgery. However, she has been on TV since she was so young that it was hard not to notice any drastic change. The most noticeable improvement is her lips, but she has had a few fillers surgeries done. She removed her fillers in a picture taken after her child, Stormy, was born.

  • Cindy Crawford

One feature that stand Cindy Crawford, a model out, is her skin. Her skins is so perfect and shines flawlessly. Cindy is a very popular model in America and this 50-year-old celebrity has gone through plastic surgery to hide some of her aging signs and symptoms. She has undergone multiple surgeries as early back as she was twenty mine years of age. She has over 30 years of experience in modelling and she has appeared in the Forbes magazine and also as an actress multiple times with wizards of Waverly places and the simian line as the most popular. She is married to Richard Gere but got later in 1995; she got divorced and married Rande Gerber in 1995 still. 

Sometimes ago, Crawford announced she was going to quit being a model but occasionally, she still appears as a model for some international programs. Despite all the surgeries she had gone through, her face isn't looking unnatural like a doll unlike some other celebrities that have lost their real look because of these surgeries. In her own case, there is a perfect mix in all her surgeries and because of this. At 50, she has no wrinkles or face lime that is always peculiar to old age. She is indeed very open about all her plastic surgeries as she believed that her youthful appearance is because of professionally done plastic surgeries and good diet. She has had collagen and Botox injections on her face in order to smooth out the skin on her face. This also helps to stop any movement of muscles on her face thereby giving her face a smooth and clear appearance. She has no face lines when she smiles or frowns. With the help of all these, she indeed looks very good at her age.

  • Joe Biden

It is no longer surprising that the cosmetic surgery trend includes men. The news about Joe Biden's surgeries goes round during the last U.S elections. Indeed, we found a picture of the U.S president from 1987 when his hair had thinned out but not the same as what he has on his head now. We speculate that he might have had some cosmetic surgery done to adjust his hairline and wrinkles. He may have done some teeth whitening too.

  • Donald Trump

The 45th president has a distinctive hairdo and is so perfect that it couldn't naturally be that way. However, he confessed in a book - Fire and Fury. Although there are speculations he has a lousy lid because of the wrong comb-over, we are sure that his blonde locks are not natural.

  • Ariel Winters

Ariel Winters is a popular actress for her role in the Modern Family series. There are speculations about her undergoing different surgeries after she dropped weight some year back. However, she has refuted the claim and confirmed only going through a breast reduction procedure. In an interview, this 17-year-old star, who is a modern family actress opened up about her surgery. According to her, she has an overwhelming and sudden development of the breast at the tender age of fifteen and often, this leads to both physical and emotion pains experienced by her. Thus solely made her go through a breast reduction surgery where she went from a size 32f cup to a 34d cup bra size. She was indeed tired of how the  media focused more on her busty breast  than even her works, and this made her feel so uncomfortable about herself. Every red carpet headline in her name had to do with her cleavage and breasts before she finally went for a breast reduction after informing just some few family and friends.

  • Ashley Tisdale

It is a different game for Ashley Tisdale – a high school musical star. As far back as 2007, Ashley did a rhinoplasty because she could not breathe well from her right nose. In 2007, this high school musical actress has to go through a rhinoplasty for the sole aim of fixing her deviated septum. In an interview sometimes ago, this 35-year-old actress gave explanations on how she had gone through this surgery because of the serious health issue she faced as regards her breathing. She also sheds more light on how she was shamed about it. According to her, it was about restoring her health and nor changing her appearance as she faced a lot of difficulty in breathing.

  • Angelina Jolie

Angelica Jolie's case is also a particular case because the risk of having breast cancer in the future motivated her. She discovered this during a genetic screening and instantly put in for a mastectomy and breast reconstruction. She has given many women the courage to go through the same process.

In May 2013, Angelina Jolie finally revealed that she had to undergo a surgery because she had a pathogenic BRCAI mutation which was inherited materially. This surgery was aimed at removing any risk of having breast cancer which is known as bilateral risk reducing mastectomy. According to her, she had lost her mother, grandmother and aunt because of this and then did this in order to avoid her having to have the same fate. Like it was stated earlier on, this has helped increase awareness in this aspect of familial cancer and thus, encouraging genetic resting in women.

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Final Thoughts

Men and women undergo cosmetic surgical procedures for various reasons beyond appearance. Also, different surgical methods and caution must be taken to decide which best suits one's condition. But, slowly, the condemnation attached to plastic surgeries has withered away, and it is safe to say "do you!"